Are you a reputable company?

Yes, we are a licensed mail-order company that sells and distributes medicinal supplies globally. We have been in business for over 7 years, offering genuine, high-quality anabolic steroids and bodybuilding-related products over the Internet without the need to provide any prescriptions.

Do you stock high-quality products?

Our products are all fully original and come straight from the world-renowned pharmaceutical companies, which you can verify easily after taking the first injection or tablet and also by a unique code that is provided on most of the top products by the manufacturer, this can be verified on the website of the pharmaceutical manufacturer. The brands we represent are Alpha Pharma, Dragon Pharma, Magnum pharmaceuticals, Maxtreme Pharma, Eminence Labs, and many others.

Are your products legal to buy?

Because laws change from country to country, we recommend researching your country’s own laws regarding the regulations and restrictions on certain substances.

Do you require a prescription to place an order?

No, when ordering from our online store, you do not require a prescription.

How long does the ordering process take?

Once your order has been placed, an order confirmation email with a list of the purchased products will be immediately sent to your email.
We will process and ship your order within 2-5 working days after receiving the payment. Shipping time is determined by a variety of circumstances, including the shipping method, postal service efficiency, customs clearance,

and international transit, also other variations may apply. Therefore, we can only give you an estimate based on our current statistics of the previous orders.
Once a tracking code is supplied to you, shipment to the United States (where the majority of our clients are located) usually takes 7 to 15 working days.

What is the limit on the number of items or an item I can order at a time?

We have no restrictions on how much you can order with us at a time. However, you should consult with the relevant authorities or knowledgeable entities about the quantity you are permitted to order and import, as there might be restrictions on the quantity you can order for specific products within your home country.
We propose that first-time customers make a trial purchase and if you are satisfied with our services, we will be happy to serve you further.

Which methods of payment do you accept?


How is my payment handled?

We may ask you to verify your order and payment by providing us with a screenshot of the payment and the order number before we begin processing your order, which is why it’s crucial that we have your current phone number. If your order fails to pass our verification process or we are unable to contact you, your payment will be declined and we will suggest that you pay using an alternative payment method.
Only after your payment has been verified and has passed our anti-fraud checks will your account be charged. Approved payments are usually processed and cleared within 1-2 business days, after which your order will be ready to be shipped.

Why hasn’t my account been charged after placing my order?

Payments are made manually. After placing your order, send us an email via with your desired payment option for payment instructions. Immediately you get payment instructions, make payment as instructed, and send us a screenshot of the payment for confirmation of receipt.

Your order will be processed in 1-2 days after the payment has been cleared from our account.

What happens if my billing address is different from my shipping address?

This is no problem, as long as the name on the payment account and the shipment destination names match. However, if our internet payment gateway provider advises us to double-check this order, please be aware that we may require additional verification if this happens.
If your billing country is not the same as your delivery country, we will advise you on an alternative method of payment.

What are your delivery methods?

Your order is processed for delivery after successful payment, and a tracking code is supplied within 2-5 business days.
We ship using Express mail services (USPS) with traceable shipping, which requires a signature upon delivery. These websites can be used to track all packages: (Tracing parcels being shipped to any country at any point in the delivery process) (Tracing parcels that have already arrived in the United States)

How do you deliver bulk/large quantity orders?

If your order is too large to fit in the same shipping envelope or package, it will be divided into smaller parcels. Regardless of the quantity of your order, we promise the same level of caution and packing as we do with all small orders. Furthermore, we will only charge you for a single shipment, regardless of the quantity of your order.


How long does delivery take?

The delivery time ranges from 5 to 17 working days, depending on the destination.
To the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, it takes approximately 5-12 business days.
To Africa, it usually takes 8 to 17 business days.

Is it possible that my delivery may be delayed?

Because shipping time is affected by a variety of factors such as postal service efficiency, customs clearance, international transit, and so on, we, therefore, we only provide an estimated delivery date (based on our statistics and experience from previous orders).
Typically, 80-85% of airmail packages arrive within 10 business days, and 15-20% arrive within 10-15 business days. This is due to inconsistencies among different postal representatives and not due to any services provided by us. The main reason for the delay is that it is being processed for clearance by customs in the country from which the products are being transported, as well as then having to undergo clearance by customs in the destination country. This is the typical reason why you’ll see the tracking service website would sometimes show that your shipment hasn’t moved for the last 5 days.
Every international shipment usually goes through the local and national postal services in the country of origin, then exportation and shipment transfer through Ports of Exit, then transit to the destination country via the international postal service and eventually imported into your country (customs clearance) and finally via the local and national postal services in your/the destination country. The delivery time is affected by each subsequent step. Even if the bulk of these stages are completed successfully on time, inefficiency or temporary idleness during any one of these stages is enough to cause the delivery time to exceed the expected and given final delivery time estimates.

Do you deliver to P.O. Boxes?

Yes, we can ship to Post Office Boxes if necessary.

Where are products shipped from?

Orders are shipped from India, Singapore, Thailand, and Europe. Our organization’s name is not printed on any parcel and shipments are made from a variety of shipping locations to ensure maximum discretion and the best chances of arrival.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide.

How can I get in touch with you?

Because our global services are primarily online driven, we welcome you to contact our sales department via our website’s Contact Us page.
Email requests are usually responded to within 24 hours, but it may take up to two business days for us to respond. Due to the time difference between our support team’s working hours and your region, email requests made on Fridays are sometimes only responded to on Mondays.